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Artist: Busta Rhymes
Busta Rhymes talked with VladTV about his collaboration with Vybz Kartel on his recently released Year of the Dragon album. He praises Vybz Kartel's work ethic as well acknowledges how much ...
Artist: Vybz Kartel
Song: My Crew
Producer: Dre Skull
Album: Kingston Story (Deluxe Edition)
Visual off the tough streets of Jamaica for the Worl Boss Vybz Kartel's “My Crew” single from his album Kingston Story: Deluxe Edition' out now on Mixpak/VICE. The album was produced ...
Artist: Vybz Kartel
Song: Half On A Baby (Remix)
Producer Dre Skull who entirely produced Vybz Kartel’s last album, reaches out to Pusha T to get him on the remix to Kartel’s ‘Half On A Baby’. Vybz Kartel is ...
Artist: Vybz Kartel
On the latest Arts & Leisure section of the New York Times has a feature on Vybz Kartel covering his unique position in dancehall, his new album on Mixpak and ...
Artist: Rihanna
Song: Whats My Name
Featuring: Vybz Kartel
Rihanna ft. Vybz Kartel – What's My Name (Remix), late Pass on this one, I meant to post it like 3 weeks ago but I completely forgot about it until it popped up on ...
Artist: Vybz Kartel
Song: Dumpa Truck
Hey what can I say It's a Jamaican ting, Gaza me seh. Directed by Kirk Lee. ...
As most of you know I'm Jamaican and I take every opportunity to let people know, and every now and then I slip a Reggae track here and there. For ...
Yeah we Jamaicans are running this thing right now....Best food, best music, best dances oh and yeah the fastest man in the world. ...
Right after bodying Mavado at the Sting at the end of last year, Vybz Kartel drop “Last Man Standing” the next. In America Mavado is a way bigger artist but ...