The Beyonce Experience: Better than ever!

Posted on August 26, 2007

Recently, I had the opportunity to check out the Chicago wing of The Beyoncè Experience featuring R&B recording artist Robin Thicke. Initially, I was skeptical of how I would feel about the show knowing that the reviews for the show haven't been so great by other gossip columnist. However, I must admit, neither Robin Thicke nor Beyoncè left the audience disappointed. Therefore, I have drawn the conclusion that such reporters are simply “Beyoncè haters” based upon their negative comments regarding the show.

As a frequent of her tours, I was not disappointed. Beyonce's set was bright, colorful, and creatively put together. Although majority of her dance routines were recycled from past videos, they were still full of energy and represented a large variation of women from various ethnicity's and nationalities. In addition, Beyoncè had several women of size dancing and singing on stage, which also gave them some representation in the concert in addition to the women with musical talents from overseas. Whereas before with her shows, there wasn't a band, women of size in her show dancing and singing, furthermore the representation of women from all over to be able to share the spotlight almost equally with Beyonce herself. As always, during the costume changes, Beyoncè allowed the members of her Suga Mama band to receive recognition for their exceptional talents by allowing them all to create or perform a musical piece and to connect with the audience. Once again, the audience was able to see the variety of women who were selected to be in this band; it wasn't all African American women or all American women. There were women from all over the world in that band who were talented and had the ability to play all types of music from classical to contemporary music. In addition, Beyoncè also allowed her dancers to have their dancing abilities displayed as well as her male dancers danced creatively to contemporary hits such as Throw Some D's Aye Bay Bay, and other recent hits.

Performance wise, Beyoncè was exceptional. Her ability to dance, sing, and still entertain the audience while making that connection with the audience was keen. Perhaps this ability extends from years of training to be a super star, but each and every year it seems that Beyoncè is able to strengthen this ability into becoming a legendary performer. Her energy was beyond outstanding; her voice was strong and well rested. Most importantly, Beyonce's singing abilities were displayed as she sang over exceptional artist's songs such as Jill Scott's, She Loves Me”. As a fan and spectator, I was simply amazed at her ability to sound excellent at singing Another artist record and still lure the audience into feeling her as if it were her own material. Throughout the entire two hours (or so) that she was on stage, the audience stood on their feet, danced in the isles, scream, cheered, waved, and singed along.

As far as the costume and wardrobe is concerned, once again, Beyoncè upgraded her show. Whereas before it were simple costume changes or outfits, this time the wardrobe was a little more flashy, exquisite, and luxurious. She was full of sparkles, shimmer, and shingles. Her makeup was flawless, her hair was cute, and she simply looked fabulous. Overall, the complete concert was a smash. It was beyond exceptional, and it was all worth the wait.

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