The Boondocks Season 3 Episode 11 – Lovely Ebony Brown

Posted on July 12, 2010
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The Boondocks Season 3 Episode 11: Lovely Ebony Brown

The Boondocks kicked into a different gear with the eleventh episode of Season 3 (“Lovely Ebony Brown”). This episode keeps the humor light, turns stereotypes on its head, and stays as close to reality as possible. You’ve been warned.

The episode starts with Granddad deleting all his social networking accounts, which he had set up to try and find true love. Incidentally, it’s after he commits Facebook suicide and ventures into the real world that he finds the true love that had eluded him all along. His love interest Ebony Brown, played by the gorgeous Gina Torres, seems too good to be true. Huey and Riley remain skeptical. You can’t blame them. The last woman Granddad brought to the house tried to kill the entire family.

As it turns out, Ebony Brown checks out fine in every category. Unconvinced, Granddad continues to sniff around for some dirt. Still nothing. A confluence of insecurity and suspicion drives Granddad to take some drastic measures. Ultimately, he manages to blow an opportunity to be with the first perfect woman he’s ever met.

This is where the show might seem a bit odd to some. We know from every other depiction of black love that it’s always the woman who goes bat s**t crazy and ruins an opportunity to be with a good man. How dare McGruder turn that stereotype on its head and show something that might actually happens in everyday life?

But that’s what I liked most about this episode. I know people, men and women, who don’t necessarily exist within the strictures of any particular mold. The world is full of Ebony Browns — hardworking black women who aren’t exactly waiting for some rapper or a captain-save-a-hoe to sweep them off their feet. McGruder rarely explores the black woman on The Boondocks, but the few times he’s done it has been in ways few shows have attempted.

While this episode was focused on insecurity and its toxic effect on relationships, it also slipped in some self-referential lines to remind us that the season is drawing to an end. For instance, when Ebony Brown asks if she could be a character in Granddad’s life she gets this response: “I don’t think I have many episodes left.”

No, this one wasn’t perfect. The plot was average and I didn’t laugh once. But in the wake of Slim Thug’s remarks about black relationships, this was a necessary conversation.

Best Quotes
“I ain’t running with y’all two n****s in the park. Police might shoot me by mistake.” (Uncle Ruckus)

“His views are obviously reprehensible, but they contain just enough truth to make me examine myself critically!” (Ebony Brown)

“Oh she’s an ape, but she’s the finest ape I’ve ever seen!” (Uncle Ruckus)

“Maybe she’ll just marry you and take all your money when you die – let’s just call her a businesswoman.” (Riley)

“I enjoy pork, orange juice and watching ‘Real Housewives of Compton.’” (Granddad)

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