Trick Daddy Denies Leaking The Rick Ross Renta Cop Photos

Posted on July 28, 2008
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Trick Daddy has replied to the accusations that he was the person behind the leaked photos of Rick Ross, who apparently worked as a correctional officer before his successful music career, as reported earlier.“We don’t deal with rap beef down here,” Trick told an online hip-hop publication. “That’s not in our character. That’s not something we do. We’re the only city that ever gets compared to other people’s entire states. Whoever put my name in this is really attacking all of us.”

In a recent interview, Rick Ross was asked about the alleged problems between himself and Trick Daddy. He was then told by the interviewer that “Trick Daddy accused [him] of working as a prison guard at one point.“ Even though Ross responded back with some disparaging comments, Trick says there's no beef between the two and said they had spoke as recently as last week.

“I told Ross he needs to have better people around him,” Trick Daddy said. “He needs better publicists, so that he can avoid even being asked those type of funny questions. I been in this game for thirteen years, and anybody who’s ever listened to my music knows Trick Daddy is very smart. I know when somebody’s trying to use me and pull me into some s**t. But the people doing this need to understand what their words can do too. When you start talking about beef, and creating [situations] between people from the same hood, you gotta realize that that beef s**t can end with one man in jail and another man gone.”

So does Trick Daddy even care if Ross was a CO? Regarding that issue he said “So what if he [was]….That just means he avoided something a lot of us in the hood haven’t, including me. I’m not proud of being an ex-con. Now that means I always got one foot in and one foot on a banana peel. I’m not proud of the things I did to land in that position.”

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