Uncle Murder ft. Jay-Z – He Asked For It (Dissing Fat Joe and DJ Khaled?)

I know what you r thinking , why now?

Hov verse

“Gangsta, Gangsta, how you wanna do this? I clap n—as down for yappin’ all foolish, ain’t no stopping this Roc-a-fella movement. The name is Jay Guevera, homie, who are you? and, if your off-beat DJ, anything he play sound familiar? I’ll wait ’til Pharell say, “Play ‘em.”**

Now I’mma have to diss you, Joe. You can get a smack for that, matter fact, the gats will blow….your toy squad will get squashed, Boy–yard dee, you’re lost in the sauce partly because your boss ain’t a leader. He’s a follower. No, I’m not coppin’ ya album or your single, most likely you’ll go copper…”

So according to Miss info this is actually a 5 year old verse (hence the image above) from Jay and Khaled is not even mentioned on that record since Khaled and Joe weren't even partners in crime back then. That being said it's not like Joe wasn't going at Jay subliminally for years though so it's understandable that verse does exist. I don't think any of us are on the edge of our seats to see a Jay vs Joe face off.

Source:Miss Info

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