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Artifacts ft. Bobby Hendrix/ LOTUS (Living Off The Usual)

Posted on October 20, 2012
Artist: Bobby Hendrix/ LOTUS (Living Off The Usual)
Song: Artifacts
Producer: Bobby Williams, D.j. Rexxx, D.J. Toshi
Director: Omar Santana
Album: Wide-Load

Official Release of single/video-
Artifacts ft. Bobby Hendrix/LOTUS (Living Off The Usual)
Contact: LOTUS (Living Off The Usual)
Contact Person: LOTUS (Living Off The Usual)
Company Name: Minority M.O.B. Entertainment
Email Address: [email protected]
Single/Video official Web site address:

Headline – Checkout new Single/Video: Artifacts ft. Bobby Hendrix/LOTUS (Living Off The Usual)
Article Body:
La-Dirty Soundz Productions/Minority M.O.B. Entertainment Presents: The Official Single- Artifacts ft. Bobby Hendrix/ LOTUS (Living Off The Usual)
Artist: Bobby Hendrix/ LOTUS (Living Off The Usual)
Produced by: D.J. Rexxx/ Bobby Hendrix
Video Shot & Edited by: Omar S.
Yes it's finally here the “Official Artifacts video” featuring: Bobby Hendrix/LOTUS (Living Off The Usual), and cameo appearance by: Annanumouslyrics, D.J. Wrex, reppin the Bronx holding it down in this lyrical rendition for the hood. This is the official single shot in the Bronx, and just one of many projects too see from LOTUS (Living Off The Usual), Bobby Hendrix-and you can also checkout albums: M.O.B. Work Vol. I & Blackworld avail now @ I-tunes,rhapsody,amazon,zune music stores worldwide. We also would like to thank our peeps: A.I. Productions, PTR, D.J. Ron G, Angedarange, Annanumouslyrics, Haze Hustle, Omar S., D.J. Wrex, D.J. Rexxx, D.J. Toshi and everyone who supported and showed love just to name a few, the ones we worked with this is just the beginning show your love and enjoy the show.
Also shout-outs to Big Ike Da Producer for releasing this single on the first mixtape hosted by: me called: Storefront Mixtapes Vol. 4 Hosted by: LOTUS (Living Off The Usual) avail. For free download @,,etc..
You can also checkout the single on our newest mixtape: Wide-Load the official Annanumouslyrics mixtape avail. For free download @,, and other sites Also for more info. Be sure to goto your google or yahoo or bling search engines and type in: minoritymobentertainment, LOTUS (Living Off The Usual), aiprodudtionsmixtapes,ladirtysoundzproductions for complete listings thank you all and enjoy our video & music.

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