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Baiyu – Invisible Music Video (feat. Rotimi)

Posted on June 27, 2012
Artist: Baiyu
Song: Invisible
Producer: KQuick
Director: Eif Rivera
Album: Hunter

Music video from our featured artist Baiyu for “Invisible” featuring Rotimi, who you may recognize from the Starz channel's award-winning television series BOSS.

Check it out, your thoughts are welcomed.

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    Yeah I'm gonna be posting all the episodes on here.


    Boss is one of my favorite shows on TV. Now that things are really starting to heat up and T.I. has joined the cast, it can only get better from here on out. I actually missed this evening’s episode but I’m going to watch it on my laptop on the way home on the train tonight. lets me stream it to the computer and I can even watch last season if I want. This way, I’ll never be behind on the latest episode of this amazing drama. I work at Dish so I got to try it a couple of times and I’ve come to find that it’s handy. I’m really interested to see how much longer Kane thinks he can hide this disease from the public. For the way the doctor is talking, he won’t have long before his ruse unravels.