Kyle Young – Core

Posted on December 20, 2012
Artist: Kyle Young
Song: Core
Producer: Keith Wilson & Kyle Young
Director: Kyle Young

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Official Music Video
Starring: Jasmin Agosto
Beat produced by: Keith Wilson

Everything I do I just let my mind go
Let my mind go as I'm set to find hope
Everything I do I just let my mind go
let my mind go as I'm set to find hope
set to find gold like I play for san fran
rebel cyclone yes the game is set fam
make a threat damn, I will make ya head slam
take a bet fam, you gon need a bed pan
imma f**k ya wife while you bang ya best man
imma take a knife and leave the place with red hands
I'm guilty filthy richer than Nuttella
so feel me real G, there isn't any better
kill spree chill breeze its ending n****s weather
hit a spliff and gettin cheddar
with a b***h expensive leather
privileged b*****s cinderella
givin' p***y lips to fellas
n****s swear they Mayweathers, 16's resemble feathers
everything I do I just let my mind go
let my mind go and I'm settled by smoke
cuz im nasty, flashy, doper than a crack binge
I smoke os and poke hoes with my rap friends
I've thrown bows and broken noses of my whack friends
I'm rollin over all your toes inside this black benz
uh what the f**k the actors want from me
swagga jackin rappers give back what you robbed from me
international, launched from a lost city
n***a call diddy, tell him I'm the small biggie
Super Nova s**t, focus on the tall slimmy
I am the champ, they don't blog these things honestly
this just in, it's a wrap if you don't rock with me
everything i do I just let my mind glow.

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