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Rihanna – Diamonds Video

Posted on November 9, 2012
Artist: Rihanna
Song: Diamonds
Producer: Stargate & Benny Blanco
Director: Anthony Mandler
Album: Unapologetic

It's finally arrived, the music video to Rihanna's new single Diamonds,” the first single from her new upcoming album Unapologetic.

The song was produced by Stargate & Benny Blanco, and the music video was directed by Anthony Mandler.

The music video opens with a view of Rihanna lying in open waters, as other scenes of diamonds being rolled in a manner suggestive of making a joint are shown; a scene that is reminiscent of the single's artwork. As the video progresses Rihanna is shown running on a highway, as if being chased by a car.

In a black-and-white scene, Rihanna licks the joint and begins smoking it. The image fades to black as the song begins. Rihanna sings in the same black-and-white setting while being topless. In the water, her hand is intervened with a heavily tattooed arm of a man, whose face is not shown in the video. Quick images of a hotel room where Rihanna lies while singing are shown, with objects breaking, curtains falling and roses burning.

Rihanna is shown again on the highway, where she is looking at aurora view in the sky. She stops running and begins singing while looking around.

The sky is shown glittering and shining as Rihanna revolves around starring at it. Throughout the video, the intertwined hands of Rihanna and her lover are shown slipping one from another slowly, and they are separated as the first chorus ends. As the second verse starts, Rihanna is shown in a desert where horses run freely.

Near the end, Rihanna is once again shown alone in the open waters, presumably depressed after the departure of the lover whose hand is shown holding Rihanna's during the video. Scenes of a street battles are shown; people are fighting while Rihanna is standing in the middle. Scenes of burned cars and broken glass are show around the environment.

The video closes with the same scene from the beginning with Rihanna lying in the water.

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