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Timothy Rhyme x Phil The Pain – Grown Man [Official Music Video] HD – @FirstDirt

Posted on December 29, 2012
Artist: Timothy Rhyme x Phil The Pain
Song: Grown Man
Producer: Phil The Pain
Director: Victor Klaus
Album: Vintage

“In my long search for non traditional rappers, came an angel of sound. With a smooth voice and proactive, positive message, Timothy Rhyme gives us hope that rappers haven't lost the roots of Old Skool sound and morals while ‘spitting' lyrics of today's personal issues and concerns. In Grown Man, the single release from Vintage to be released July 3, a story of a young man with an old soul evokes the power of rap. His rap tells us we need to stop hitting the snooze and do something that we can be proud of. Im grateful for Tim's talent and ability to tell us that we need stop crying about our problems and make better decisions.” – Tomera Wineland (UK)