What Had Really Happened Was? (50 cent edition)

Posted on June 2, 2008
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50 cent

While accusations are flying profusely about 50 torching his own home to ‘kill his baby mother’, speculations are beginning to surface if this is a repeat of 50’s childhood. As you all may recall, 50’s mother was drugged then burned in premeditated gas house fire. Could 50 be responsible for the fire of his Long Island home?

Although his baby mother has been relentless in seeking an increase in child support throughout the years, and has failed, why would 50 result to trying to kill her now? After all, this has been an ongoing court hearing battle for years. Could she have been bitter with the recent judge’s decision to deny the increase in child support, be upset from public embarrassment and humiliation, and have set the house on fire herself? With keeping in mind 50 is in location for a movie, how could he possibly have been in New York to set the house on fire and get back to Louisiana without being noticed? Perhaps he paid someone to do his dirty work. Even if he did, how could someone start that big of a fire without leaving the scene smelling like gasoline? It should be totally impossible for the fire to be a one man’s job. Investigators have since then revealed that there was a 5 gallon gas tank found near the house. Maybe they will be able to find some type of microscopic evidence with the gas can and perhaps they won’t. Furthermore, if someone had broken into the house as Shaniqua alleges then why hasn’t there been a police report brought forth? Normally when someone breaks into someone’s home, the person who lives there typically files a police report. But she didn’t file one (and if she did it hasn’t been revealed) and then an hour later her house goes up in flames and her five children barely escaped.

Since the fire, Shaniqua has been quoted as challenging 50’s parental skills by saying “tell him to call his son!” Maybe Shaniqua is utilizing this moment to expose 50, win the lawsuit, and get the judge to see that she needs more monthly revenue to live in an undisclosed location from his deranged father (used as a figure of speech).

What really had happened was…

I think Shaniqua got mad after the fight, called her estranged boyfriend or booty call over for some love and affection to ease her mind of the drama. Got some. Went to the bathroom dissatisfied, ran a bath, smoked a cigarette while playing Tweet’s “Smoking Cigarettes”, dranked some wine and had flash backs of Waiting to Exhale. Then, she went into her car, got her gas can, called herself setting some of 50s personal items on fire and ended up burning down the house. However, here’s the kicker: when she realized she couldn’t control the small fire, she ran to get her kids out of bed, called 911 and barely escaped.

Think about it. Why else was she awake at 5AM?


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