Posted on March 27, 2007

I'm sure we've all some way or another heard about the recent situation between Young Buck and Game that happened at a Las Vegas Club, during the All Star Weekend Celebrations. Well according to published reports Game and Young Buck have set apart their differences all thanks to a phone conversation made this month. Here's what Young Buck told

“It wasn't even a squash the situation thing. It was a situation in [Las] Vegas and it was the first time we were in the same place. I addressed him from the stage and let him know, ‘If it's a problem, let's handle it right now, if not let's get to the money,'” Buck explained to SOHH. “He was coming, I don't know whether to get it on or get to the money, but he was coming and the security of the club, they got terrified and pushed him out.”

“After that there was a lot of people in the middle of it like, ‘Look, man, your man wanna speak.' And I chose to have a conversation with him cause 50 Cent will never speak with him,” Buck continued. “And 50 really gave me permission to speak with him on behalf of him and everybody else. I let the conversation with him on a note of, ‘You do you, without involving us and we do us without involving you at this moment.' Cause I see that a lot of these situations start to affect the politics of the music.

Looks like Young Buck is finally about getting money. Word is he also has taken steps to end his year fued with rappper Lil Wayne. I guess his new album should have been called “Hug the World” instead of “Buck the World”


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